Part 15 Radio Service




Recently I decided to try a different antenna system. My previous antenna is a 3 meter copper pipe with an L network at the base for tuning. The L network consists of a 100 uH choke from Radio Shack in series with the hot lead to the copper pipe. An air variable tuning capacitor is between ground and the junction of the copper pipe and choke. It tunes up at my frequency, 1500 kHz, and with no real ground radial system covers a .4 mile radius quite well. Shown at right is the antenna looking up from the base. The L network is in the plastic bin at the base. PVC pipe was used at the base.

Not the ideal setup, the antenna is attached to the TV antenna mast. The TV antenna probably serves as part of the ground radial system. Surprisingly, no TVI problems.

Although, the signal does get into some of my telephones and the baby monitor so I decided to get it off the house. Dropping it to ground level, I knew I d need a more efficient antenna system. So after extensive reading from the ARRL handbook and all the posts on, I decided to cook up another antenna. I figured my biggest loss was probably the 100 uH choke due to the wire size. That meant winding my own loading coil.

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